Blowing in the Wind

 This lovely review appeared in my inbox this morning from the South Bergenite/ The reviewer says: “At times heart-achingly poignant, at others heart-meltingly sweet, "Find the Good" reminds us those last words will come soon enough, far too soon for some, and charges us with the responsibility to not only live a life worth writing about but to recognize and honor those people who matter to us while they're here to appreciate it.”

It's amazing how much kind words about my work change my whole mood-the hitch is that harsh ones do the same thing.  Don't you hate that? Those of us who put our hearts into what we do tend to feel everything too deeply for our own good.  It's my biggest strength and greatest weakness. I think though, that's true for many of the people I love--  While I know it can sometimes make life more difficult than it needs to be, I wouldn't want to change that about myself or others. As Mary Oliver writes-- "I don't want to end up simply having visited this world." And, "It is better for the heart to break, than not to break."

Anyway, that's what happens to my thoughts when the weather is so changeable and I wake up on a July Friday to the sound of a gale blowing through the trees.

A possible, partial, Friday to-do list. (Always subject to change or cancelation without notice.)

1. Visit friends who need love.

2.Talk to kids.

3. Check lists for JJ's wedding and make some phone calls. 

4. Finish the interview.

5. Weed whack.

6. Parks and Rec meeting at 12.

7. Answer emails

8. Hazardous waste drop off 8-3 at the public works shop on Union, scrap metal to the recycle center 10-2.

9.Weed whack and mow some more.

10.Pick cherries.

11. Walk dogs.

12. Gin and tonic at the Distillery.

13. Make a potluck dish and go to a party.

14. Breathe.






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