Vote Today, and Remind Three Friends to.

 Last night we had 13 robo-calls. Chip and I ate dinner and listened as the answering machine recorded them. The President of the United States called, and so did Joe Miller, Scott McAdams and even crazy Michelle Bachman. Mike Huckabee called from Arkansas and asked us to vote for his friend Joe Miller. (Guess he didn't know that Miller's body guards handcuffed a reporter friend of mine.) A nice girl from Anchorage phoned in, asking for us to vote for Lisa Murkowski, and reminded us to fill in the oval and write her name in. Don Young called and said we should  vote for him. Ethan Berkowitz had a friendly reminder about why he's the best choice, and someone called predicting the end of the world as we know it if we didn't vote for  Sean Parnell and Joe Miller, since they are on the same Republican ticket and mutual supporters. I think Harry Crawford's wife might have called, but by then I was drowsy from the pumpkin pie. When you have a household that includes a  Democrat,  a Republican and  a handful of undeclared children, you are apparently on everyone's must-call list. This also means we've been on every pollster's list. I must say that whoever picks up the phone on those answers differently, so maybe our family is responsible for all the poll confusion. What the outside pundits don't take into account is that most Alaskans are like our family-- and not strict party line folks, who probably will vote red and blue on the same ballot and pick and choose candidates for their values rather than party affiliation. The main thing is to vote, and remind three friends. The more people who vote, the truer the results, and that's Democracy.


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