Chilkat Valley Election Results

The election is over, sort of, it will take a few weeks to read all the names on the write-ins to make sure they are indeed for Lisa Murkowski, who is probably the winner in the Alaska senate race, and Governor Parnell also is back, as is the man my favorite morning newspaper calls "Congressman for all Alaskans except moi," Don Young. But you can find that out anywhere. Here is how the three Haines area precincts voted -- Haines proper, out the Highway, and the small Tlingit village of Klukwan, also out the road. (These numbers are unofficial.)
LOCAL STATE HOUSE: Fisherman BILL THOMAS beat Cordova challenger Joe Beedle district wide,  2583-1531. Bill won everywhere except Tenakee (31-22 for Beedle) and Cordova (375-333 for Beedle.) Here's what happened in his hometown:  Haines: 553-286 for Bill. Highway: 52-34 for Bill, and Klukwan 45-5 for Bill.
Haines: SURPRISE! A TIE! SCOTT MCADAMS 305, and WRITE-IN (read Lisa Murkowski) 305, Joe Miller 205
Highway:  MILLER 34, McAdams 32, and Write-In 18. (Out there it could be anyone, not necessarily Lisa.)
Klukwan: WRITE-IN ( Lisa) 43, Miller 8, McAdams, 1.
Haines: PARNELL 454, Berkowitz 365, (it gets weird here...Libertarian Toien 10, Alaska Independent Party Wright 12, and 3 write-ins.)
Highway: PARNELL 44, Berkowitz 42, Toien 1.
Klukwan: PARNELL 36, Berkowitz 12, Wright 3.
Haines: YOUNG 484, Harry Crawford 353.
Highway: YOUNG 54, Crawford 34
Klukwan: YOUNG 43, Crawford 7.
Here are some more interesting regional numbers. On the Blue (ish) side, Gustavus voted for McAdams, Berkowitz, Crawford, and Bill Thomas. Skagway voted for McAdams, Berkowitz, Young, and Thomas. On the Red (well, redder) side, Craig had more votes for Miller than McAdams, and went for Lisa, Parnell, Young, and Thomas. Down in  Metlakatla there were 38 votes for the Alaska Independent Party candidate, Don Wright, for governor, the most in the district. Read the Chilkat Valley News for complete coverage, I just wanted to fill you in a little until the paper is out on Thursday. 


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