A Few Wedding Pictures

I did not carry a camera for JJ's wedding--  so here are some snapshots from her friend Hannah Blilie who takes great wedding pictures, and swears she is an amateur. (I beg to differ.) JJ and Bryan were married on a boat-- one of the water taxis that  runs between Haines and Skagway.

It was kind of funny, as we Alaskans all waited all dressed up on the dock to board while the passengers were coming up the ramp in their rugged-ish Alaska vacation gear.  JJ and Chip hurried on first and went up on the top deck, and then my friend Teresa ran on with a white cloth to cover the fire extinguisher and life ring up in the bow where they  would exchange vows, and strung up a garland of prayer flags. An aunt carried a vase of flowers. I handed family members and friends bottles of Proseco, and Sarah and the kids carried on cups and napkins and the smoked salmon and snacks. ( We had the toasts and cruised about for a bit following the short ceremony.) 

Great Grandma Joanne declared that the setting, on the blue green-water of the fjord in front of town surrounded by tall peaks was "spiritual, and truly felt as if we were in a cathedral." Papa Bob said the sun was too hot --  which figured since it was too rainy all week long--

 I cried, doesn't everyone? There are so many unknowns. So many hopes and dreams. So much to be thankful for in my own marriage, and so much riding on good luck. Still, JJ and Bryan had no worries or jitters as they pledged to love and honor each other for the rest of their lives in clear unwavering voices with big smiles on their faces. 

After the ceremony we headed out to the cannery for a community salmon barbecue and potluck fortified by Sarah J's salads. Haines own Lunchmeat and the Pimentos swing band out did themselves-- the horn section included a tuba player from Germany, and Collette Costas came up from Juneau to sing. 

Chip and I went home at midnight, happy, tired, and speaking for myself-- greatly relieved that JJ had the wedding she dreamed of. Even as I was dancing it felt as if I had witnessed a minor miracle. It doesn't seem possible that I -- actually we-- I had help, a lot of it--  managed to pull off a wedding fit for JJ, who is the one in our family that usually makes sure things go perfectly for everyone else. Also, it was especially nice to have all five of the kids home at once. They are the major miracle created by our marriage and one I could never have imagined 33 years ago when we said "I will."  






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