Not Really News, But Some Things You Should Know.

 It didn't snow last night, in town anyway, but the mountains are thick with it and it is raining, as my husband says "to beat the band." Speaking of bands, Debra Schnabel is hoping to revive the band that played for South Pacific, and is calling the group the North Pacific Holiday Band. (Get it? It took me a minute, but she told me about at six this morning at Morning Muscles class.) Anyway, there were 8 musicians in the original band, and she said she'd like them all back and hopes  to find enough people with instruments (who can play them) to march in the Christmas Parade. Debra plays the piano, which could be an issue. She could put one on a flat bed truck, or she said, an autoharp might work. There is a piano at the library, so the Lighting of the Library could have them play.  Call Debra if you want to sign up for the band. In other news, The fundraisers for Merrick's cancer treatment expenses are coming-- and both should be great fun. Saturday night at the Pioneer Bar Kris and Lindy play and sing and we can all dance, and there's a dinner and auction and all a round fun family night scheduled for November 14 at 5:30 at the school. Call Sarah Cohen or Renee Hoffman if you want to help or contribute. Here's also something to think about. If you are heading out of town for the winter, be sure to have someone pick up your mail. Greg at the Post Office says it's frustrating to both fill and empty boxes, especially as they fill up with catalogs. One more thing: as the days get shorter and you think about community and home and presents and watching basketball games, be sure to look in Haines first for what you need, rather than on-line. It's the best way you can help boost the economy here, and keep our business community flush so they can contribute to parades and fundraisers and ball teams. And as Marnie said in Morning Muscles, "Happy Thursday." Go ahead, say it to yourself, and then clap a little. I bet your smiling.


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