Those Crazy Haines Folks

Yes, the man in the bear suit does live here and I'm pretty sure I know his name, as there is only one guy with a bear suit in town and he wears it often, usually while roller blading. (And writes about it for the Chilkat Valley News in his column.) I ran into him and his dog Falafel on the golf course yesterday but he didn't mention his sudden rise to national fame. Our man in the bear suit chasing the real bears out at Chilkoot is top-ten news from Fox to CNN. Which he has dreamed of for a long time. Maybe fame and fortune will follow? 

In other wild life news, the bride and groom in our family are back for the long weekend visit, and they had fun photos of the Grandma Joanne and Papa Bob-- the great grandparents-- dancing at the wedding. Also, I picked all my apples because real bears (at least I assume so) have been breaking into chicken coops on Piedad Road, and while that is not too near, bears are roamers, and my apple tree is right next to the coop. They are still a little tart, but they made a great apple crisp for my husband. I made it after I backed right through the garage door on Wednesday. That is something I have never done before. The car is okay anyway. And the door may not be totaled. (At least I wasn't wearing a bear suit.) 


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