Changing Weather

 It's hard to believe that there's a winter storm watch for 4-9 inches of snow by tomorrow at noon, but that's what the weatherman says. It's 40 degrees and windy wet at the moment. My pansies are still half-blooming. The grass is green. Yesterday the tide was so high, and with the waves and all the water in the river, the house felt like a boat at the dock. I ran my errands in my rain-gear.  I stopped by the Big Brothers Big Sisters office to help with the luncheon planning (the Dream Big fundraising lunch is Monday at noon),  checked on the dock construction ( a lot of  rock and gravel just to turn around a few buses, but I've lost that battle and need to make peace with it, maybe planters full of flowers next summer will help ) and the bookstore to sign two books for people from out of town that are Christmas presents, and then said hello to Jesse in Rep. Bill Thomas's office. Bill just won a fourth term in the state house. Everyone knows that his staff has as much to do with his popularity in the region as anything else. Jesse and I talked about the power of positive thinking, not in a political way, but in a personal one. All the rainy, dark weather this week has been a little depressing. Anyway, we talked about how we sometimes are nicer to acquaintances than we are to our own family. Jesse has been reading some personal growth books, and she said that is all about boundaries.  With people we are closest to we often have none.We both agreed that when we say positive things to our husbands, children, and dogs, especially when we have every reason to be mad, and in fact are kind of grumpy,  it does us as much good as it does them. Acting happy makes them happier and us happier.  Funny how that works. Jesse said that now that the elections are over, maybe we should put up lawn signs and pass out buttons that say, "Be Nice." Like Guy Hoffman used to say: if you don't like the weather, then make your own high pressure system. 


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