Man in a Tree

Friday afternoon on Main Street: Pizza climbed a cottonwood tree in a chicken suit, as part of a YouTube video he's making, and the editor of the Chilkat Valley News took his picture. One on-looker wondered if this was art, which Joe says it is, another said that he was in her tree and ordered him to come down right now, as surely what he was doing was against the law. While Joe was getting his clothes back on in the newspaper office, Stormin' Norman called to say he finally got a check for the Exxon Valdez settlement, and while it wouldn't buy him a condo in Hawaii, it would buy a few beers, and they were on him at the Pioneer Bar, right now.  Speaking of the Pioneer, there's a dance tonight to help raise money for  the lovely and kind  Merrick's cancer treatment fund. It begins at 9, so you can go to the Emblem Club's Community Service Auction and dinner first, which starts at 5:30 at the Elks. I probably wouldn't wear a chicken suit to either one. But maybe that's just me.


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