Twinkle Twinkle Little iPad?

My house guests from San Francisco have an iPad, and they've been showing Chip and I all the cool things it does, well, as much as we have time for. The videos, and audio, can take a while with the slow internet here.  They told me that in London it's 24 times as fast.  One of the features of the iPad is that you can hold it up to the sky where ever you are and it shows you a photograph-like image of the stars and constellations over your house, and even labels them for you. We could see the stars that would be out later, right from our kitchen, in the day time. Last night I woke up around two when the dog shifted on the bed,  and I looked out the window over the Chilkat Inlet and the snow covered mountain's beyond. Above it all was a navy blue dome full of bright lights. Without my glasses on the stars out the window were bigger and fuzzier than on the iPad.  The window frames blocked the whole sky view, so I just saw parts of it. I didn't mind though, and I didn't care that that I wasn't sure what stars I was seeing. They were so beautiful contracting and expanding-- yes, twinkling like stars-- high above the sleeping town that I was a little sorry that somewhere a child might be in bed looking at the sky on an iPad instead of out the window. There's something about the  night sky that generates wonder, and feeds imagination, you know? And there's something about the vastness of the universe it represents that just can't fit on a screen, even a really cool one.


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