Five Good Things

Riding a bike on a cool clear morning with snow on the mountains reminded me of something I heard Richard Nelson, the writer from Sitka who used to talk to himself (and us) while exploring the outdoors in his radio show Encounters say-- that the air was so fresh and cool breathing was like drinking a tall glass of spring water. That's  the first good thing.

The second is that the President of the United States is in Alaska and may have noticed the same thing on his glacier hike yesterday, and we saw him hanging out with Governor Walker and Lt. Governor Mallott, who was dressed in his Tlingit regalia and looked so familiar and good-- that was something to see.

The third is a little less grand---the construction trailer is gone from behind the library and the borough office, and the area is looking so much nicer ( the new brewery certainly adds to the attraction.) Fourth? Yesterday on the radio I played a new song by Kaci Musgrave in which she sings "mind your biscuits and life will be gravy." I love country music philosophy. Fifth? A phone call from my son  the fisherman, who announced he bought a one way ticket to Bali where he will spend the off season. 

Actually, there are more than five good things. (This is a good problem isn't it?) This morning, as Chip and I were pedaling up the hill by the Eagle Foundation toward home, Dr. Marnie, the PT who put us both back on our feet, drove by and waved and smiled. It is hard to describe how at that brief moment, just a passing wave and smile, there was a recognition of our shared connection that is as vital as life as we know it. I wanted to raise my hands and shout thank you- but I didn't since I knew she'd be a little grumpy if I broke something else doing something so foolish.

One more good thing: Tomorrow night at 7pm at the Chilkat Center, Haines' own representative in Austin Texas, Christy Hayes will be performing with her friend Beth, who is also a great fiddler and singer. It should be fun. (Tonight at 6:30 in the Chilkat Center, the public safety commission is holding a forum to hear what we would like the new police chief to be like. If you have any ideas, let them know.) 

Now, Pearl needs her walk.



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