First Snow

We woke to the first snow on the ground in the yard, (the mountains have been getting whiter by the day)  a light dusting that made the whole world clean and bright and the view from my bed as black & white  as an Ansel Adams photo. I want to get out and enjoy the day, but have a pile of deadlines to meet, so hopefully the weather will hold. The good thing is I don't have to cook, there are leftovers from our company, and we ate enough last night in Klukwan to keep us full until Thanksgiving. Tony Strong and his helpers made stout braised moose, saffron eggplant custard, polenta with three cheeses and wild mushrooms, roasted vegetables, and about six tarts, but the apple was my favorite. The trouble was I was a little too full and sleepy to bid actively on the auction items.  That's how I ended up winning a ride in a new Tlingit war canoe. They showed a picture of it in the inlet, but said they haven't had the formal launching since they were concerned about it's seaworthiness. I asked my husband's eagle clan Tlingit brother, who was sitting opposite us, if I should wear a survival suit,  and he said no, since my job would be to bail the bilge while his relatives paddled. I think he was kidding. Speaking of eagles,  the annual festival begins today, with all kinds of workshops at the eagle foundation in town, and tours in the preserve out by the village. The new hospitality house in Klukwan at the traditional knowledge camp ( what the fund raising dinner was for) will be open daily for hot lunch. There won't be any saffron eggplant custard or braised moose. The menu is burgers and fries, soups and snacks.


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