A Reflective Vest Story

 It's reflective vest season for early morning ( and early evening) walkers and joggers. I was driving home from Morning Muscles, listening to NPR on the radio, and slowly tooling up and around the dark Parade Grounds this morning when out of the corner of my eye I saw a reflective vested figure down on the side of the road. A runner with a heart attack? A walker hit by a car? A jogger having an asthma attack? I stopped, and rolled down my window. "You okay?" Then Zebby, (short for Zebediah) Joanne and Phyllis's furry black Newfoundland, smartly outfitted for his morning nap in a large orange reflective vest, lifted up his sleepy head, staggered to his big feet, and trotted over to me.  I said good morning in English. He said it in Newf, shaking a ribbon of drool over his snout.


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