Deer Season

Chip is getting ready for his hunting trip to Elfin Cove, they leave tomorrow on the Nash troller Shinaku. He's making lists and checking them twice. There is a survival gear bucket on the dining room table, dry bags, socks, bullets, GPS, knives, game bags, a headlamp, cap, gloves, rain gear, a float coat, a flare kit, a first aid sack,  a rifle in a soft case, and a variety of camo-patterned clothing. Why hunters wear camouflage underwear is a question I may not want the answer to. Also, he  has been testing deer calls, so if you hear a bleating Bambie noise when you walk the dogs on the beach, that's what it is. If you do plan a walk today, wear a rain coat. It's really wet, and and as Guy Clarke sings, "blowin' like a bandit." Also, if you think of it tomorrow, send traveling mercies to a little boat with my favorite hunters in it as it motors down Lynn Canal. 
In other news: Here in Haines the bald eagle festival continues today and tomorrow,  and Sunday night at 5:30 at the school there's a fundraiser for  Merrick. I'm sorry to miss it, but I'll be at the annual Hearthside Books Alaska author's holiday reception from 6-8 Sunday in Juneau. If you are in Juneau tonight, go to the Egan lecture at 7 in the UAS library,  Seth Kantner and Nick Jans will share stories of their arctic adventures. Both are great photographers as well as writers,  so it should be a wonderful evening.


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