Sunday's Thought

From Marilynne Robinson's novel Gilead:
There are two occasions when the sacred beauty of Creation becomes dazzlingly apparent, and they occur together. One is when we feel our mortal insufficiency to the world, and the other is when we feel the world's mortal insufficiency to us. 
I'm off to Juneau on the ferry this morning for the Hearthside Books local author event tonight from 6-8. The hunters did get out yesterday evening, and are on their way to Elfin Cove. If you are in Haines, there are two events today that will make you think about mortality and creation and love and luck- one is an appreciation Sunday dinner for Pete  at three at the Elks this afternoon, and the other is a medical expense fundraiser for Merrick this evening at 5:30 at the school. Both these good neighbors are living with cancer. Pete's had his a while. Merrick is just beginning treatment.


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