Frankie Service

It was already dark a little after four yesterday when three teen age boys were spotted in the brush by the library. Two were up near the side of the building by a small aspen tree, and one was standing on one of the benches down by the sidewalk directing them.I walked up for a closer look, as I'm a little protective of the library, being on the board and all. Turns out these good boys were doing their best to drape white lights artfully in the trees. "Community service?" I asked. All the high schoolers that participate in activities, like basketball or debate, drama and forensics, have to serve 15 hours of community service per season. "Frankie service" one of the boys said. "We've got all our community service done already." Frankie Jones is in charge of decorating the library for the annual holiday lighting, which kicks off with the gala (well, for Haines anyway) event on Friday evening after Thanksgiving. The library lights and big tree in the glass fronted hall that can be seen from the road, stay up through New Years. The boys adjusted the lights, tossing some a little higher in the tree and asked me if it looked okay. We all stepped back and looked at the string of lights in the dark, hanging from  unseen branches. "It needs to look more magical, not such straight lines." I said. They agreed, and luckily the basketball player was tall enough to make the adjustments.  A little light goes a long way toward making a heart happy this time of year. I just hope they are still clinging to that tree. The north wind is blowing so hard they could be wrapped around the Eldred Rock Lighthouse by now. (They say it could hit 75 mph out on the water.) If you'd like to join the boys and do the community a service, stop by the library in the daytime and ask Frankie and her elves what you can do. In other news, Vanessa and Ryan had their baby, last night at 8:15 in Juneau. Oliver Flynn Salmon is perfect, said his aunt Brianna. He also shares a birthday with my youngest daughter so we won't forget it. Stoli was 20 yesterday, she celebrated in Anchorage where she is a star at college. (She is way above average if I do say so myself...)


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