Don't Be an Odd Elf- Shop Locally

 My friend Nancy, the one who says "women are better" whenever she reads the news, has been at Morning Muscles this week. Nancy likes to sleep in, but she is challenging herself to try new things and go new places in this small-town where she's lived for 25 years. You'd think that would be hard.  Actually, take a look at the community calendar. Water aerobics? Nifty Knitters? Taco Tuesday? There's three right there that I've never been to. Speaking of never been to, it is time to launch the local, shop-at-home for the holidays program. Toss those catalogs in the re-cycle bin, turn off the computer, put on your coat and head out the door to meet your neighbors and friends. Here's my shop-at-home challenge: Go into a local, independently owned store store-- one you haven't been to in a while (or maybe ever) and buy a gift for someone. (Maybe even yourself.) Then, tell one friend about it.  You don't have to be in Haines to do this, try it wherever you are. It will make the holidays brighter for real Main Streets everywhere. Remember,  it's an odd elf who would send a Christmas card with a picture of a shopping mall of box stores  in  a 40 acre  parking lot  with the message "Home for the holidays."


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