Happy Monday

There is nothing like good news on Monday morning. Martha is off the tubes and doing well. A friend visited her last night and report:  "She looked Great!!.. She is recovering faster and better than the doctors expected (us Alaskans!). They are impressed." She said Mike and Martha  asked for continued prayer, for all of them, it's a pretty big thing to survive a plane crash in Lynn Canal, and that cards may mailed to Martha Mackowiak, Patient, Harborview Medical Center, 325 9th Ave. Seattle, WA 98104.

I hope the blizzard in Anchorage won't postpone Linnus Danner's leg surgery today, but either way, she will be up there a few more weeks, and cards may sent to her at The Residence Inn, 1025 E 35th Ave., Anchorage, AK 99508. Now you have something nice to do on this rainy day.

(On the home front for both families house and pet sitters have everything covered.)

When I was hurt and at Harborview and in the the nursing the home, I loved reading cards or having Chip read them to me. It was healing to know so many people cared and were pulling for me. I felt loved. They helped make the sometimes dreary and scary time bearable. Here's a confession: I still have them all, in a big box in the back of an upstairs closet. It didn't seem right to chuck them.

It's Eagle Fest Week, and hopefully the windy wet weather improves, although a bigger storm is in the forecast for later this week. It's supposed to get colder. Time to batten down the hatches, stack more wood on the porch, and find the snow shovel. After coffee. And I have column due by noon.


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