Blowin' Like a Bandit

As Guy Clarke sings, "It's blowin' like a hurricane and your riggin' will not stand it." Yes, it is about as nasty as it gets out there. All that freezing cold and lovely snow dashed and whipped around by rainy gales. On the plus side (that's my job right, to find the good, before some wise guy reminds me to), the weather is perfect for writing and a little light therapy. 

Tomorrow is a busy day --and by then the ice should be washed off the roads, until Monday when it's supposed to be cold again-- with the first holiday bazaar of the season 10-2 at the school, and the annual Doll's Fair 1-3 at the museum. Also, the Friends of the Library are busy decorating, as the Lighting of the Library is Saturday after Thanksgiving. If you'd like to help, just stop by. The crew will be happy to put you to work.


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