Gathering Together

It's not always easy gathering together for the holidays. My daughter Stoli somehow got out of Anchorage in yesterday's ice storm, and landed safely in Juneau last night. There's a light skiff of snow, and it is still falling gently in the dawn fog. Hopefully pilot Sam will fly her here today, if not, her older sister lives there, so they can visit and she has a place to stay. There is a ferry tomorrow morning at 7am. Chip is already back, he  took the ferry up from Juneau yesterday, rather than stay on the 42' Shinaku, a commercial fishing boat, for the pounding ride up Lynn Canal into a northerly gale. The hunters' trip from Elfin Cove to the capital city the night before was rough enough. The Shinaku's skipper Don Nash is used to it, but Chip, and friends Roger and Parker jumped ship as soon as they could. "I'm still shaky" my husband said when he called from the ferry dock. So, some of the family will be here for the holiday, some won't, but they'll all be back in about two weeks for Christmas. I appreciate everyone a lot more after ten days home alone. There are now six deer hanging in the garage,  and a small turkey thawing in the kitchen. We have to cook a turkey, that's tradition, but we will grill deer, too. As always, so much to be thankful for. There's a Thanksgiving worship service at the Presbyterian Church Weds. at 7pm, the Turkey Trot 10K run and 5K run or walk is Thanksgiving morning at 9am at the school. It costs 5 dollars, but you get a safety vest for winter activities-- and the Lighting of the Library fundraiser is Friday at 7-9pm. It's good to see the community gather for that. Our women's chorus will be singing seasonal tunes, too. There's still time to help Frankie and her elves-- if you stop by the library she'll put you to work. 


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