Some Things to Know for Weds. and Beyond

It was a hard night for friends and family of Steve McPhetres, the former school superintendent, runner, outdoorsman, musician, Juneau church leader, family man-- husband, father, grandfather, friend all around wonderful guy-- died at Harborview in Seattle following a fall deer hunting, or, I have heard, a stroke, or perhaps a combination. It doesn't really matter. He's suddenly gone, that's all I know. A light is out and I am sad.

Of course it is also Thanksgiving, and this morning there is much to be thankful for, Steve's life for one thing, and somehow, everyone else I love seems so much dearer today because of the news, and there's the huge creamy moon hanging low this morning as we faithful made our way to the pool. Joanie marching over from the Senior Village, Kate in her Prius, Ike in his big truck, Norm with his Santa Hat on. (At least I think he had it on, it was early, and my glasses steamed up as soon as we stepped inside the hallway.) The only other activity at that hour was Tom coming home from the paper, he must have been up all night putting it together so it could be printed a day early for the holiday and be back in time to let us all know more about so much news-- the police chief has left, it sounds like the mayor will take over for the manager and do both jobs, and that the pre-schoolers and old folks will share the senior center.

Tonight at 7 there's a Thanksgiving service at the Presbyterian Church, and tomorrow there is a free community Thanksgiving dinner at the school from 1-3. Everyone is welcome, and please bring a side dish if you can. Then there's Black Friday sales. (20% off at the bookstore, where I buy most of my gifts.) The lumberyard will be closed Friday, but Main Street shops are encouraging you to get out and about and shop locally which really is what makes this town go 'round. In the Wonderful Life version of Haines, imagine life here without the local merchant families or generous business donations, or even being able to buy whipping cream today. (I better get to the store before they are out-- and while I'm there buy a Headstart pie or two. They are selling them at Howsers and Oleruds'.)  Honestly,  Black Friday is really a social event, and with Mt. Market and Sarah J's hot drinks and the new brewery's beer and root beer, there's something to sustain everyone. Here's a funny video Steve Vick made a few years ago titled Black Friday in Haines.  Also, the ANS host a holiday bazaar Saturday at the ANB/ANS Hall, and the annual Lighting of the Library free open house and reception is at 4 on Saturday (you may bring a tray of sweet or savory finger food if you'd like.)




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