A Few Things to Make you Smile

Yesterday I was in the bookstore when Lucy Harrell came in with her friend Jim and I asked if she was buying gifts and she said, "No, I'm giving them." She handed Liz a check for 1,000 dollars for the Arts Council. (Liz's husband Tom is the president.) Liz gave it to me to bring to my husband, who is the treasurer. I ran over to the lumberyard and handed it to Chip and recieved a big surprised grin-- and then went off to my library board meeting-- where Lucy gave another check for 10,000 dollars to the library-- and after all the exclamations of joy and surprise, our board secretary said, "Lucy just gave the museum 10,000 at our meeting about an hour an ago!" ( Lori is on the museum board, too).

I am not making this up: The meeting with Alaska DOT officials from Juneau about the proposed ferry cuts scheduled for last night was moved to tonight from 5-7 because they couldn't get here yesterday. There was no ferry and planes weren't flying due to weather. (They are taking the ferry this morning.)

The beautiful, giant spruce tree at the library has died. In it's brief public display it was loved by all. They tried to save it with aspirin and sugar water, but couldn't. "It was raining needles" the librarian said. "You could hear them tinkling to the floor." They had to shovel them up like snow. Those good folks from the Friends of the Library who decorate for the holidays had to take it down. The branches were bare. They cut it up and carried it out of the library like firewood. But a good man, my friend Bill, donated his pretty tall artificial tree (he said why have it just for him when the whole town could enjoy it?) and they all re-decorated it and now all is well. On the plus side there's more room in the library and it's such a nice place to spend a dark evening. (It's open til 9 on Thursdays.) 

My grand daughter Ivy (3) is singing Christmas carols these days. In the car  on the way home from pre-school I began "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" and she jumped right in from her booster seat in the back. It's fairly complex, yet I heard Ivy clearly sing, "In the lane snow is glistening, a beautiful sight, we're happy tonight..." and very well--- so I said "Ivy you can carry a tune!" And she said, " I can carry two basketballs, too."




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