Turkey Trotting

Maybe the  Turkey Trot should be the day after the big meal. I'm a little full this morning from the deer steaks, turkey, corn bread stuffing, green been casserole, cream curried onions, rutabagas, carrots, mashed potatoes, beet and asparagus vinagrette,  rolls, cranberry sauce, gravy...have I missed anything? Oh, olives and smoked salmon before dinner. And pies, pumpkin and apple, and I did have plenty of whipping cream thanks to shopping ahead. Like I said, it was nice to run in the slush before Thanksgiving dinner, but I need to climb a mountain today. The star of the party yesterday was baby Caroline in a tutu. The dogs especially liked sitting by her highchair as she dropped them treats. (Her father was a close second in his Green Bay Packers jersey.) My daughter JJ got all dressed up too, but she ran (and won) the Turkey Trot in a dress, beating the high school boys (20:03 for you runners out there.) We all had to convince her to keep the blue wig and tiara at home. The news here is that 57 runners and walkers showed up and it wasn't a great day, especially underfoot, with the wet snow, ice, and puddles. But no one seemed to mind. There were baby joggers, grandmas in ice cleats, and a lot of dogs, included Joanne and Phyllis's Newfoundland Zeb. Although I don't think the reflective vests we all got for entering will fit him. I ran with a friend who will be leaving town soon to follow her husband's job. We talked more than we had the whole time she was here, about everything, from children and husbands to hot flashes and finding a kind of balance now that we are half a century old. She was planning on running the 10K, which meant two loops around town. I am still careful on the knee that was operated on in August, so the 5K was plenty for me. I guess we talked so much we were both winded, so she pulled into the finish line of the 5K with me. I would have gone around again just to finish the conversation. When a young mother caught us we didn't pick up the pace although we could have. I used to race so hard I couldn't talk until it was over. (My friend is no slacker either.) But we let her go right by. She was in a hurry, no doubt wishing her baby would walk, and talk and sleep all night and be in Kindergarten. But we  know it all goes so fast that there's no need to rush. I don't want to turn back time, or even stop it. I just want more hours in a day, and more days in a year. I want to trot instead of run. 


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