Wrapping Meat

There are two more deer to butcher, we did four yesterday.  I wrapped each trimmed roast, or bag of stew meat in clean white paper and labeled them- "Best Hind Roast" or "Three Small Tenderloins" or " Big Stew", "Small Stew" "Pot Roast" and "Summer Party Back Strap Steaks."  Chip said I could go a little faster. I didn't need to write a novel on each package. I like to know what is in them. The details they make a difference in how I cook it. Last year he didn't label the moose sausage and hamburger.  He just wrote ground meat on them all. That's how we ended up with those Italian sausage tacos. He also didn't always pay attention to the cut of a roast, which is why some steaks were more like chewing gum, and some meat I used for stews should have been steaks it was so tender. There's more to venison than eating it, though. I feel like I owe it to those beautiful deer to make the most of them. If you are going to kill an animal, you should be darn sure you use what it was made of for its highest and best use.  That's why a good roast should be noted, and why I wrap each one like a gift. 


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