Morning Muscles Snow Day

 You know you have real friends when they are comfortable enough to call you at  5:15am to tell you Morning Muscles has been canceled because of the blizzard. I was in bed listening to the wind and the radio and pretty sure my car wasn't going anywhere. Chip was whistling around on his second cup of coffee. He had already pushed the dogs out the door, filled the woodstove, and scanned the world news across the channels and announced nothing really new was happening. I hollered down to ask if we were going across the driveway to work-out inside above the garage. "Not without hip boots" he yelled back up. "There's a five foot drift between here and there." I laid back down. Looks like my exercise today will be the snow clearing kind. That can wait until daylight. I may also take my first snowshoe of the season this afternoon. 


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