An Alaskan Reality Show I'll Watch

 Here's an Alaska reality show I'll watch. (Okay, I do like Deadliest Catch, in small doses.) They call is Gold Rush Alaska, and it was filmed in Haines last summer. It's about some would-be gold miners working a claim up in the Porcupine near John Schnabel's mine and debuts Friday night at 10pm on the Discovery Channel. Teen Parker Schnabel who works with his grandfather at the Big Nugget mine, and who got to the know the TV miners this summer, said at dinner the other night that the first scene of the show shows them getting some equipment over a very scary bridge that apparently could collapse at any minute. Haines residents will recognize it as the newly refurbished and quite stable bridge to the Porcupine, Covenant Life Center, and Chilkat Lake boat landing. The one the Chilkat Guides drive bus loads of tourists over  all summer, but never mind. I'm not watching to be wowed by the brave miners in the wilderness. I want to see how they portray the community of Haines, the scenery, and the real miners like John and Mark Sebens who helped them, a lot. There may even be a few cameos from our lumberyard, where they were frequent visitors. One TV miner told our daughter J.J. to remember his face, because he was going to famous, soon. In other news, the Lighting of the Fort is this Saturday, as is another holiday bazaar. Remember to patronize the local businesses, artists and craftspeople that support all the things we love, from the library and the Glacier Bears ball teams to the radio station and 4th of July fireworks. They are volunteer fireman, coaches, Hospice volunteers, serve on the Arts Council, the Borough Assembly and Big Brothers and Big Sisters. Please make a point of shopping locally this holiday. Most businesses and galleries will even ship your purchases-- just ask. 


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