Welcome Happy Morning

I know it is Maundy Thursday-- the night of the Last Supper, and tomorrow is Good Friday, and Easter isn't until Sunday, but it is a moveable feast, and it sure feels like a happy morning today after so much sorrow and stress and grief the last two weeks-- John Schnabel's obituary is done, and will be in today's Chilkat Valley News, the service isn't until next Saturday, April 2nd at 4pm at Harriett Hall at the Fairgrounds.

Aurora Alten Huber was second in the state spelling bee, and the heli-skiers are still buzzing about, but the Haines Avalanche Center warns of a high avalanche danger, so let's hope everyone stays safe on this blue bird day. It is perfect for flying, and I am off to Juneau in a minute to watch my three daughters play basketball in the Gold Medal Tourney there (and help babysit)--  I'll get there in time for the  2 o'clock game.

In the meantime, Easter will be a tad odd this year, as we will be ferrying home Sunday morning. (I hope to make the Easter Vigil service at Holy Trinity, depending in the championship game schedule and the time of the vigil.)

I'm also hoping to attend the Democratic Caucus in Juneau and vote for Bernie--  that will make me feel better too--

In the meantime, I've been thinking of something someone told me while I was writing John's obituary-- a bit of wisdom I think--  Tod Sebens, who mined with John at Porcupine, said John told him never to retire-- "John said all his friends who sat back in a rocking chair are dead. Stay busy. Keep working." (I hope it's okay if I take a few days off..)


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