Singing Together With One Voice

 Susie was on the radio yesterday afternoon, in full Texas twang. She's from Philadelphia but her heart is in Texas, or was, it is in Alaska now,  where she noted as she read the weather forecast, that what we lack in length of daylight we make up for in quality. Yesterday being a bluebird snowy day that was a bit breezy, and very pleasant, "as long you bundled up real good." Susie only has a few more country shows left before she and her sidekick Peanut, head down to the "Juneau calving grounds."  Susie and her husband are having a baby, and with no hospital in Haines, that means our young are birthed, mostly, in Juneau. Susie sat next to me in choir practice last night and I helpfully suggested names. Old fashioned country ones like Loretta, Dolly and Tammy. (It's a girl.)  Susie kept me on track by grabbing my arm when I almost flipped the page when I should have returned to the beginning on "Let All Who Sing Be Merry." On the next song we joked about changing the lyrics in "How Far is it to Bethlehem?" to "How Far is it to Mexico?" On the way home I realized that my very first blog was a year ago almost to the day. (I still don't think I'm hip or acerbic enough to be a real blogger. I like to think I'm more of an on-line observer.) The subject was Susie's engagement, which also happened on the radio when her guy proposed on the air. It was a run-to-the-radio and listen moment, but it was more fun congratulating Susie in person at choir practice. I like the choir as much for the weekly gathering of diverse women as I do for the singing. Morning Muscles is like that, too. Both are good for the body and soul, but they also enforce something higher than that- community. This sense of belonging used to come to me automatically, from my children in school. Their activities dictated most of my community activities. Now I don't have nearly as many of what my mother called " command performances" on my calendar. I could sleep late and workout on my own, or take a bath and sing in the tub instead of attend choir practice. I could sing along to the songs Susie plays on the radio, and I often do, but it's nicer by far to stand in that circle of women and blend my voice with all of theirs until we are all singing the same song with one new voice. 


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