An Olive Oil Tip Heloise Won't Tell You

 Here's a what I have learned about olive oil from my daughters: when one was eight, she taught me that olive oil is a great way to remove head lice. We rubbed her hair (and ours) in it, then wrapped our heads in plastic bags over night, and in the morning the nits slid right off on the combs.
And today I learned from my pregnant adult daughter that olive oil also helps babies slide out of the birth canal. Apply it liberally during the last few weeks of pregnancy.
Of course, you can also use olive oil on asparagus. I like to gently simmer the trimmed stalks in a shallow pan until they are fork tender, then I use two slotted spoons and scoop them up together and gently drop them onto a deep plate with a shallow puddle of just about equal parts olive oil and balsamic vinegar,  a dash if salt, and fresh ground pepper. I sort of roll them over until they are all coated, and then let them sit until we are ready to eat. You can do this ahead of time and serve it at room temperature, or later, and serve it  warm. Either way it is a hit for home or a potluck.  There are rarely leftovers, but if you have one or two that didn't get eaten, they can be cut up and used in a salad the next day, just  like pickled beets. But that's another recipe.


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