What Me, Worry?

 The Lighting of the Fort survived what organizer Annette Smith said was the worst weather, ever. It was raining snow, sideways. This has prompted concerns about the Snow Dragon's appearance in Saturday's Christmas parade. The church youth group will be manning the dragon, and Pizza Joe will be the head. There will probably be too many volunteers at the new school cafeteria on Saturday afternoon. (The dragon will be assembled at 3:30 for the 4:30 parade.) But Annette is still worried. She fears  a repeat of last Saturday. The weather forecast calls for breezy with snow and 29 degrees.  A few more degrees and we'll have that sideways slush again. The dragon skin is a cotton sheet. It can take cold, wind, and dry snow, but wet snow and rain is a terrible worry. There are many worries this season. Will the wind and high seas cancel the fast ferry from Juneau with my daughters on it Friday? Will we be able to cut a tree on Saturday and attend the ANS Bazaar (10:30-3:00 at the ANB Hall, chowder lunch 11:30-1:00.)  What about Papa Bob's  Christmas letter? My 77 year-old father sends it to me to fix up. Yesterday he faxed five pages. Also, should I be worried that his recent tropical vacation left him battered, bruised, bug-bitten, and that the good parts sounded like the out-takes of an Indiana Jones movie? (The rappelling down a cliff, the whirlpool that sucked him under, the jeep crash.) What about gifts? I have only bought a few. Shouldn't I be more organized? There are deadlines for school and work too, that I'm afraid I'll miss. It would help if the sun would come up and stay up. The short days have me preparing dinner at four.  There's no time for anything. But for now, the fretting is about that dragon. If we have weather like we had for the Lighting of Fort on Saturday there may not be a dragon, and then, would there still be Christmas? ---  Well, of course there would. As Linus says to Charlie Brown, Christmas is about remembering the story of a baby born in Bethlehem to Mary and Joseph in a stable. Talk about a lesson in not fretting. God had such faith in us that he sent his son as an infant rather than a strapping young prince,  and made it a home birth without even a midwife, in a dirty old barn back when there were no antibiotics, or even Tylenol for poor Mary-- He must have known we would worry about that child forever.  Maybe that's why  the first thing the  Christmas angel says is, "Fear not" followed by " I bring you good tidings of great joy," so we'll remember that this  is not supposed to be the season of worry. It is the season of wonder.


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