Friday's Word to the Wise

My favorite line from Erma's obituary came from a letter her nephew Omar sent to Erma's daughter Debra--

"I struggle to think of anyone I have known who genuinely cared more for others than herself as much as Erma. I know you and your family appreciated and understood that about her, but after all the memorials for your father - the builder, I wonder how to celebrate the life of Erma -  the carer. I'm sure she wouldn't want people to "make a fuss" over her. I can imagine she would rather be cooking for the event than be the focus of attention. It's, no doubt, a less exciting / newsworthy story - but, it seems to me, every bit as important and inspirational. The importance of caring for others is the lesson I will celebrate and remember from Erma's life... I can't think of a time when this lesson is needed more - I hope it will not be lost on others."

There are a few ways you too can care for others-- directly and indirectly this weekend in Haines-- You may support Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Haines in this afternoon's Bowl-A-Thon from 4-8 (yes, it's still afternoon.. as sunset is after 8...) in the elementary school gym. You can still donate to a team today, and probably bowl-- there will also be other games- including Wii Bowling,  and there is a KHNS fundraising wine tasting 7-9:30 in the Chilkat Center, and the radio could use your support more than ever with big budget cuts looming statewide, and since Spring is a little early, and winter's trash is visible in the ditches and brush around town -- The Chamber of Commerce office has trash bags available now for the annual community clean up. Stop in Debra's office in the Gateway Building and grab one or two and fill it as you walk or take one or two to the beach or park when you go. Thanks to Ralph from the Borough, all you need to do is leave full bags on the side of the road by any Stop sign and he'll pick them up in the Public Works rig. (Don't you just love Ralph?)





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