Gold Rush Alaska II

It is a busy day, with all the holiday activities, and fresh snow, and the kids on the way home for Christmas. (The girls arrive tomorrow, I think, since the ferry was canceled again today. Turns out the Fairweather is aptly named: it only runs in it.) Which is why I'll be brief.   This episode shows the miners building their camp, digging a lot of holes with big machines, chasing bears, and meeting the neighboring miner. There was also a lot of gold mining information that I kind of glazed over at. The show got high marks for  the local color and scenery and when folks at Kris and Lindy's concert who had seen it talked about it at intermission, they were smiling. We all agreed that 90 year-old gold miner John Schnabel (the neighbor)  stole the show,  that the scenery was great, and the bear phobia was kind of funny. A few times (okay, a lot) I questioned reality, especially the whole grab the guns and chase the bears out of camp part. (They did not seem to know a black bear from a brown bear, which they called grizzly bears, something we don't do here. Coastal grizzlies are brown bears.)  But then Chip reminded me that it is television. It's a show. It is entertainment not a documentary. He's right, of course, and Gold Rush Alaska is very entertaining. The miners, especially Jack and Todd Hoffman and Dorsey are natural actors, with great timing and camera ease.  The show is fun to watch, and no doubt will get more so as they interact with the community and people we know. 


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