Missing Lambs

Dec.15, 2010- Two lambs are missing from the Sacred Heart Catholic Church nativity scene. At the Hospice of Haines holiday open house yesterday volunteer Dick Flegel said he hopes they'll come back in time for Christmas. Dick is largely responsible for the newly renovated creche, and he said he hopes that the lambs are safe in a shed or garage, but worries that perhaps they blew away and landed in a snow bank. Being white and lumpy they'd be hard to spot. He prays they haven't been kidnapped. The figures for the life-size creche were donated by new TV star  and old  miner John Schnabel, many years ago, and were looking sort of sorry, Dick said. But fresh paint and some repairs have them back in shape. Dick especially likes the angel on top, and the lights, and well, all of it really. You can see it from Main Street very clearly on these darks nights, which, when you think about it, is a pretty good metaphor for Christmas itself. The people who live in darkness will see a great light. Maybe one of us will also see a lost little lamb and bring it back where it belongs, too. Or maybe we'll just round up all the lambs in town and bring them to that bright little stable.


In other news, you'll notice the new date on the blog, this is by reader request, and it is a really good idea. Don't miss the puppet show at Mosey's, beginning this evening and running through the week, tickets, times and show details are available at at the Babbling Book. They are going fast. (The show is more for adults than children, and is all about reproduction. I can't wait to see it.) While you are downtown, do some Christmas shopping, and check out the shops on Main Street.



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