Sunday's Thought

A healthy society is one "in which people who orient around religion differently can disagree on some fundamental things and work together on other fundamental do you have a society in which people who disagree on where to draw the line in the Middle East will perform heart surgery together, or serve on the PTA together? Isn’t that what a diverse democracy is? And it feels to me like the central thing that we do is nurture that ethic of a half-full cup of, “I will disagree with you on this set of things and continue to work with you on this other set of things.”-- Dr. Ebbo Patel

From On Being with Krista Tippet, that I heard this morning on KHNS. (It airs in Haines on 7-8 Sundays.)The entire interview is worth a listen or a read, as it applies equally well to local and national issues of faith and justice and the times we are living in.



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