Good Tidings in the Mail

Look what came in the mail today. Two heart rocks in a cool box, with a delightful poem from my old friend Marie. How perfect is this?!

Look at this beautiful 

heart shaped rock

I found it this morning 

on my morning walk.


I've been looking for one

since I read your first book

I thought it wouldn't hurt 

to take a look.


I'm already looking for

rocks with crude faces

my searches have taken me

all sorts of places.


But this rock for you is

the best one I got

right in my motel's

parking lot.

 Signed, "The lady whose husband sold big dogs to Japanese people." 

(If I'd known Marie would be identified this way for the rest of her life, I would have used her name! Still, it did amaze me that her ex-husband sold those huge, furry, half-wild Alaskan Malamutes for thousands of dollars to wealthy people in Japan. I kept imagining those big Alaskan dogs in homes with rice paper walls, tea tables on the floor, and gardens of bonsai trees and raked sand.)



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