Busy Week

We have a lot of meetings this week, and they are crucial, as the result will be a new manager. Both Brad Ryan, the current facilities director and interim manager, and Debra Schnabel, a former assembly member and current Chamber of Commerce head are the finalists. The good news is either way, they are both local, and both very much care about our town.  This morning from 9-12 at the library the staff will be asking the candidates questions, and this evening from 5:30-8:30 at the library as well, the community can hear what each have to say and ask questions. Tomorrow night from 5:30-8:30 it will be the assembly's turn, but the interviews will be public, and then on Wednesday is our regular assembly meeting (we moved it for the interviews and so the mayor could be at the American Legion Convention which is also coming to town this week.) That meeting starts at 6:00 with an explanation of the Haines economic development corp. proposal to use 95,000 in borough funds for their new non-profit to boost our economy. 

In other news:

The streets have been swept, and children  (and grown ups) are pedaling all around town, so be careful, the leaves are about to pop out, the ice is almost all off Chilkoot Lake, and there have been hummingbird, harrier, and brown bear sightings.  The Fair's Spring Fling dance is this Friday at 5:30. And don't forget the trash bags are in at the Chamber office. There's nothing like a little spring cleaning inside and out to boost spirits, is there? (My chickens are very happy with their fresh shavings and washed windows...)


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