Breakfast Chatter

We are making breakfast and planning cookies for later. (Baby Caroline and Sarah slept over, as Brian is in Petersburg with the basketball team.)

JJ says, "Butter eggs, sugar, we have chocolate, we need some more peanut butter. Oh, and jam, what else do we need for jam thumbprints?"

Sarah says, "Cream of tartar and almond extract."

JJ says, "What's cream of tartar?"

I say, "We have about sixteen tins. I buy one every time we do this."

JJ says, "How are the pancakes?"

Stoli asks, "Anyone else want an egg?"

Sarah opens the fridge. "Where's the yoghurt?"

"There's applesauce in the pantry," JJ says.

Sarah puts some more berries on the high chair tray. "Caroline loves blueberries, and you can tell."

Chip can't reach the coffee pot because Madi, Forte, Merry and Phoebe have circled the high chair. He hollers "Dogs out of the kitchen!" (They don't move, Caroline claps.)

JJ says, "We need more butter, too. Did I put butter on the list?"

Stoli says, "And more eggs."

Sarah says, "Before we make cookies the munchkin needs a bath."

Stoli spots the sticky baby as she carefully climbs the stairs on all fours to the tub where her mother used to bathe. My long-gone grandparents and great-grandparents watch her from pictures on the wall.  Sarah fills the tub that many babies have bathed in. The hundred-year-old claw foot came from an old Fort Seward house.  It's nice to know families have been eating breakfast, baking Christmas cookies, and bathing babies for a very long time. It's nice to know that everything changes and everything stays the same.  


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