Snow in June. Really.

I've been meaning to check in after the bike race. I'm fine! We actually had the best ride ever on stages 7 & 8 from the border into town, racing a Canadian friend and pedaling into the wind at an average of 20 mph. The road was dry and it was windy, gray, and cool.So that was fun. He thanked us and said that was his best ride in the race, ever. The reason we did that instead of the real race was that it was canceled for the first time ever when we woke to heavy wet snow in Haines Junction, and our friend Tom playing a mournful "Summertime" on his trumpet from an icy motel balcony. It was too dangerous to ride, though four guys on unicycles did the whole thing in 14 hours or so, slush and all, so that's something to remember.

Our house was full with friends and family, and we all took fun a long fun ride on Sunday to Chilkoot Lake and Mud Bay. I did receive a note afterward from a Lutak friend warning me of a sow that is a tad grumpy and reactive. She is very protective of her three cubs, and they are not obeying her. She has charged cars and a photographer. So be careful. 

I can't visit longer as I was just handed baby Molly so my daughter can put James down for his afternoon nap. Despite the odd weather, it really is summertime and the living is... good!



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