Summertime and the Livin' is..crazy?

I drop everything for house guests, and when they are family even more so and it's been a full house for a few weeks now, what with the kids from Juneau and now my dad, Papa Bob, is here. There is also something about the days after Solstice that makes me feel like holding on tight to good times with the people around me. Another birthday came and went, and that always makes me happy. There was a baby in church yesterday and one of our elders is in hospice care, and last night we celebrated a friend's 70th birthday party.

Tomorrow is the 4th, and that means baking something today for the Friends of the Library bake and book sale (11-1pm in Tlingit Park) watching the Ripinsky Run at 8:00am, the Legion breakfast, parade  at 11 (line up at 10:30 at Thor's), and HARK would like you to walk with pets dressed in "patriotic flair", more food (the Senior Village is selling pies and rootbeer floats, the ANS has a salmon bake) and  games in the park, the Mad Raft Race is at 3:00,  and I'm still  figuring out if we will try to plan a family cookout after all the town festivities, or just wing it, or maybe lie on the couch and read for while-- what with the gray weather and chance of showers, and we will be pretty tired, and full -- if we eat all day...

While I'm pondering all this, you can read a story from yesterday's Alaska Dispatch. It's the one I wrote about the concert and Mimi Gregg's long lost grand daughter.



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