It was a late night waiting for the election results. The voting machines jammed, and the clerk wanted to be extra sure all the ballots were accounted for. The No Recall side won, 600 and some votes to 400 and change for all three of us.  

This morning at the pool it felt like I was swimming with a life jacket on, I was so buoyant. Monday morning was like swimming in mud. I hadn't realized the physical toll this all was taking on me until today. Which is why I feel great now that's over,  and stronger than I've been in months. Actually, almost a year, since the recall threats began the morning after the October election. It's nice to know Haines did not go dark in this troubled times, isn't it?

Now we all have some forgiving to do, some peace to make, and some love to spread. I'll begin with gratitude for the all the support and kind words and the affirmation that Haines is still my favorite place in the whole world.

But you know what, this is only the push and pull of politics-- not life and death.

 The big news, the truly great good news this week, is that on Monday a commuter plane crashed in Auke Bay and no one was hurt. Everyone swam safely ashore. They didn't even have time to don life vests. It was that fast. Luck was them. Literally. Luck Dunbar helped another Haines resident, Shelly Sloper, be brave, climb out of that sinking plane, and swim to an island where they were rescued by a float plane. (I know, you'd think  a boat would have been more welcome, but Luck said he'll fly worry free from now on, as it can't happen twice, right?) Luck lost his grandpa when his skiff overturned, and he and the two other people in it drowned. I wrote those obituaries. Three in the same week.

 Why is it that we don't celebrate miracles like surviving a plane crash with music and prayers and poetry? With heartfelt tributes and a big potluck? Why is it we save that kind of unity of emotion and spirit for when there are no survivors?

Let's change that, don't you think?

Also, on the day before the election, the newest member of the community, Lucas Mariner DeWitt, arrived healthy and a strapping 9 lbs. 11 oz. , and a hunter who was overdue down on Sullivan Island was found safe and sound. Then I heard that my neighbor who broke her hip is all healed up and will be coming home on Saturday. 

They say tragedy comes in threes. This week blessings came in fours. Actually, make that fives. I think we can count the recall defeat as one.


(Note: I made a mistake in the first draft, and wrote Luck's dad died, it was his grandpa Archie. I apologize. It was late night, and there was a puppy on my lap!)


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