Sunday's Thought on Monday?

"Let us be joyful agents of change, full of the energy of the Spirit. Now is the moment to make change happen. Now is the moment God always intended us to inhabit."- Bishop Steve Charleston, Climbing Stairs of Sunlight

It's all very quiet here this morning. I'm sipping coffee and writing a book. (I love typing that, and obviously I am not actually doing that since I am writing to you, but that's the plan anyway.)

My house is clean because we had the church Epiphany party here last night and so I cleaned like crazy yesterday afternoon, and again last night after everyone left. That's the way it is with parties. In a way they are like Thoreau's line about firewood: they warm you three times, once in the preparation, during the event, and thirdly afterwards, when the dishes are dry and the furniture is back where it belongs.

It's quiet because Chip and Trixie are in Juneau where she is being spayed today. Without a vet in Haines this is a challenge, but puppies would be more so... The ferry was canceled due to high seas and strong winds Friday and Sunday, and the Monday ship is broken and won't be back in service until Feb. 1. This all meant a crazy scramble for us after church when we learned another flight was added at the last minute so they could make it. The plane went by like it was shot out of a sling shot towards Juneau, thanks to the north wind. The kids from Craig had to fly up Friday as well, so the basketball games still happened and were super exciting for the boys-- they won both-- and the swim meet happened too, but without the other southeast Alaska teams. There were too many kids and flying is so costly. The Whitehorse team drove. The Men of Note sang The Star Spangled Banner and O Canada and gave me chills they were so good. The Tier 3 meeting about the Chilkat River water protection issue was postponed because of the ferry cancelation, too.

It could be a quiet week, as the wind is supposed to keep blowing, and if history is any indication, that may mean another ferry doesn't run tomorrow, and it may snow, which would ground planes.

Which means that I may get some work done on this book after all.

One more thought I wanted to share with you--  which I just love-- is from Carl Sagan. When you get discouraged, think about this (you really are a star.)

"The nitrogen in our DNA, the calcium in our teeth, the iron in our blood, the carbon in our apple pies, were made in the interiors of collapsing stars. We are made of starstuff."


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