Blame it on the moon

 Morning Muscles was a little sparse this morning thanks to last night's lunar eclipse. The temperature may have something to do with it too, it's really cold and the wind won't quit. Then there's the stress of the season. The food, the gifts, the family and friends. I suppose it is a woman thing to want everything to be perfect, and then to not be exactly sure what perfect means. I was feeling pretty virtuous, making it to exercise class, but when Marnie changed the routine and had us try some things we haven't done,  especially the crab walking, I felt like a total klutz. I was off balance physically and emotionally, maybe I should blame it on the moon.Today is our first Christmas dinner, with all the family, since Sarah, Brian, and the baby are traveling to his family celebration in Wisconsin, and Eliza arrives today on the ferry. I hadn't slept well, there seems to be so much to do and I have that feeling that I won't get it done. (When really, there isn't that much to do, and I know it will all get done.) Then, on the drive home, I saw the moon, all full and round and white again, over the inlet and the mountains, and sighed. But on the radio was the saddest story about a family in Ohio who had no Christmas gifts, no tree, and maybe no power if the single mom didn't get a check soon to pay the bills, and she was crying, and saying she didn't know what she would do. I was so embarrassed for feeling a little blue when I have so much. Why is it that it takes another person's misfortune to highlight your own good luck? While I can't help the woman on the radio, I can relax a little and make sure my family is happy and cared for. I can take a minute to call the neighbor, or chat a little longer with an old friend in the grocery store. I can thank my husband for making the oatmeal. I can spread a little holiday cheer by being cheerful. How hard is that? It's funny, but children seek the big moments this season, but for adults, the gifts are in the small ones, and mostly, they don't cost a dime.



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