Hockey & Basketball

The north wind is shaking the house and the children (can you still call them that when the youngest is 20?) are nestled all snug in their beds, or whichever bed they can find. (They went to sleep early last night after being out at the bonfire on the lake late for the eclipse the night before.) We had  early  Christmas last night before Sarah, Brian and the baby head to Wisconsin. This year, maybe because they are far flung all winter, the kids wanted to have just family for a night. (That meant nine of us.) The baby took center stage, as did the food. Smoked salmon, deer steaks and a Chilkat Chocolate cake. (They'd rather have it than pie, and back when they were little we always had cake on Christmas Eve after one of them pointed out that if it was Jesus' birthday, we really should have cake.)  Chip tried to get the dogs out from under the table, but Caroline kept dropping them peas, salmon, and bits of potato. Skating is on the agenda today at Chilkoot Lake (be careful if you go) and maybe the new rink. The hockey players hope the real arena --with boards and lights and everything- at the Fairgrounds in the Raven Arena will be ready for games this afternoon.  Roger helped plow the snow and level it, and Greg and Paul have been spreading thin layers of water on it from an insulated fire hydrant, just like my friend Kim layers her jello. The cold weather is perfect for this.  Tonight we'll be in the warm gym for the alumni basketball games. The Glacier Bear girls team is hosting the event as a fundraiser for their tournament in Valdez later this winter. The game starts at 7. Seeing everyone home for the holidays is as much fun, or more, than watching the game.


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