Something Funny

JJ is in the kitchen talking to Chip and his friend John, who has arrived for his decaf because it is too dark to start working yet. She's dressed for a run with Chandler, who is on the Cornell cross country team. He'll be here any minute. JJ tells John she's going to be a teacher. John says she should work at the lumberyard, because of job security. "Everybody needs a house to live in."  JJ says teachers get tenure. Chip says, "I'll give you tenure." Everybody at Lutak Lumber is tenured. "I just gave Henry tenure the other day." Then the subject changed to the coffee. JJ did not want decaf. When John said caffeine is psychological, JJ disagreed. There's no way she's running out there in sub-zero wind chills with Chandler on decaf. "Big girl needs real coffee."


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