A Skating Post Card

This is a first for me, and it took a little figuring, but I believe I have learned how to post photos. So, here then are a few post cards of skating on Chilkoot Lake. My hands froze quickly as soon as the mittens were off, and the skating was so nice that I didn't want to stand still, but I did my best to take a few snaps. We spent Wednesday  afternoon, what there was of it, from about 1 until dark at 3:30 or so, at the lake. The days are are very short at latitude 59. Hope you enjoy skating with us.

 Two against one, the girls steal a puck.

Below is the grand view of the game, followed by my skates and bubbles in the green ice. Next is the rubber boot and jacket goal, to keep the puck from sliding for miles, and lastly two views of the way back to the landing.




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