January Woman's Day Column & a Vacation!

Hi, here is my January Woman's Day column. And this is the last time you'll hear from me for about ten days. Things are a bit crazy here, as the Lendes are doing something we have no practice at- taking a family vacation. We did this once, years ago, when the children were small, to Disneyland. Don't ask. Just thinking about leaving home has me traumatized and I'm not the only one. Three of us have the flu. The dogs keep whining and puking, and I still have to pack and clean like crazy before we go in case the house catches on fire. I wouldn't want the firemen to see that bathtub ring. You really want to know about our last, and only family vacation don't you? The Disneyland trip? Okay. Our hotel pool was drained for repairs, there was an incident requiring an emergency room visit, the kids thought the real back country drive to our cabin was more fun than the Indiana Jones pretend jeep ride, and one (who shall go nameless) wet their pants on another terrifying ride. Also, after the first day paying theme park prices for food  Chip made us eat peanut butter sandwiches for lunch. I remember trying to keep my little children from getting crushed by the crowds during the fireworks show and wailing, "If this is the happiest place in the world, why am I so miserable?" So, after ten years we are  ready to try it again. The kids are now big enough to take care of Chip and I, and JJ made it all happen, surprising us by arranging everything and then asking us to pay the tab. This  time, we are renting a little house in a quiet Mexican seaside village much like Haines, only warmer, and with sand instead of snow. There's no TV, phone or internet, which is why you won't hear from me for about ten days. We leave on the ferry tomorrow with everyone except Eliza, who has to teach 4th grade, and will be missed. But if this works out, who knows, we may not wait another decade to try it again. 


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