Sun, Fun, & a thought about bad Guns.

The forecast in Haines is for severe winter weather, winds to fifty knots, high temperatures in the single digits and lows below zero, which is really cold here in town by the seaside. It will be well below zero out the road.  And this is the weekend the snowmachiners race down the highway for 200 miles to Dezdeash Lake and back. It makes me cold just thinking about it. I can't complain though, since ten days in Mexico has left me with a little sunburn, which along with a happy heart from hanging out with my family on a tropical beach, should keep me plenty warm. We had a wonderful trip-- mangos with lime, jogs on the beach, sleeping with all the windows open, swimming, surfing, happy babies and sunbathing college girls. The only thing I didn't like was the getting to and from part. I wish travel was like the Internet or Star Trek and I could be beamed back and forth. It takes forever now to get anywhere when you have to be at the airport hours ahead, and you can't put a big tube of sunscreen in your carry-on, or pack water, even though you are supposed to hydrate in the air. There's that, and I'm always sure the plane will crash.  I pray a lot, especially during take-off, landing, and whenever it gets bumpy or the engine sounds change. Which may be why I'm okay with all the security precautions,  even when they took baby Caroline's shirt and little slippers off,  because it may prevent some nutcase from blowing us all up. ("Dear God, please deliver this plane and all its passengers and crew safely to our journey's end," is my prayer.) Most Americans probably are okay with this added hassle too, since thousands of us line up for the public frisking every day. We recognize that the extra time and trouble it takes is worth it for the common good. On the flight home I caught up with all the news I'd missed, including the terrible Arizona shooting. I wonder why it is , that after one big attack, all the TSA stuff  was suddenly in place by what seemed to be a federal decree,  and we turned traveling everywhere inside out for all of us, for safety reasons ( in Haines we all need passports now just to return home from the Yukon, the school teams can't carry water bottles on the short flight between Sitka and Juneau) yet the same politicians who did that, refuse to regulate guns- even the ones that are designed just for killing people--(I have a gun safe, with about a half-dozen rifles in it in my house, and am a hunter. My husband makes his own bullets. It's not like I'm anti-gun.) Who in their right mind thinks everyone who wants one should be able to have an assault weapon & carry it concealed  into public places? How much of a hassle would it be for the few who may require it to apply for a gun license, and to pass a test, like we do for a driver's license? Surely it would be much less, for many less people, than all that airport security. It may have even saved those lives at the Tucson Safeway.  I don't buy the argument that only the criminals would have guns then. That's like saying that anyone can still drive a car without a license so we don't need them, or that even with all this airport security some nutcase can still take a plane down. Of course they can. But we have made it a lot harder. As for the argument that if someone had a weapon at that Safeway they would have taken down the shooter, I read that the congresswoman said she kept a pistol in her purse and knew how to use it. She  didn't have time.  Her shooter was tackled to the ground by a wounded man.



Stoli walking up the path from the beach to Casa Mitch, our home for the week in Mexico.


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