Working, sort of.

 I skidded and swerved in the new snow (it was deeper and slicker than I'd expected)  up the hill and down again to Morning Muscles. It looks like Afternoon Muscles will be shoveling and hauling some firewood to the porch. What with Merry's passing (thank you for all the kind thoughts)  and just getting back from a trip, I'm up against some big deadlines and about 24 hours behind on everything. The revisions for the first half of my novel are due Feb.7, I have a Woman's Day column (April!) due now along with  this week's Dispatch column. (Maybe I'll finish something by tomorrow?) Chip says for a writer I sure work a lot. It's not really work though, like plowing snow or school teaching is. I can still wear my pajamas to work and go snowshoing at two in the afternoon. Yesterday I helped a fifth grade friend at lunchtime study for  her spelling test, one on one we got a lot done, but I thought how the heck do you teach 25 fifth graders how to spell? Can you imagine even having a dozen fifth graders at your house from eight to three and getting them to learn anything? (Well, the wood pile would be done pretty quick.) Now that's work. So is organizing a swim meet, and preparing for the first Girls' home basketball games this weekend. We have choir practice tonight too, thanks to Nancy Nash's efforts. There are so many busy people in Haines doing so many good things. Thank one of them today.


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