Gold Rush Alaska or...?

Tonight the Haines miners will no doubt lose another 1000 dollars  and face imminent financial and personal ruin. It was fun to see Dorsey fishing with friend Greg Bigbsy in last week's show, and the summer scenery was terrific. But I can only willingly suspend disbelief for so long. I do like to see clever people beat the odds, using their wits and skill. It's part of the appeal of life in Alaska, but that seems less and less likely on this show. The last episode hinged on getting morphine for the mechanic's pain, (you can't operate machinery on narcotics, can you? ) and a fuel emergency. They forgot to buy some and ran out. That meant it would cost them 1,000 dollars a day (!)  not to run their mining equipment and they have families to feed, flags to wave, prayers to pray. Every real man in America wishes he were gold mining with them. It was up to Fred Gray from the fuel company to save them. Fred had a fine cameo, but he looked like I felt when he said he wasn't going to ask a driver to run up to Porcupine on the 4th of July. He was sorry, and polite, and to his credit he didn't say especially since it wasn't an emergency, like  running out of heating fuel in January. Another part of good theater, (and real life) is that actions have consequences. The cast and crew of Gold Rush Alaska are mining for TV ratings with improbable scenarios and colorful disagreements. The big wink is not that they keep losing 1000 dollars a day, it is that they are making more than enough to cover that just by pretending to. Maybe it will get better. Maybe we'll see more of John and Parker Schnabel or Greg Bigsby's Fishpickers band, but tonight, I think I'll  watch the Haines JV Girls play Wrangell instead.


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