Change in the Weather

It's wet and windy today, about forty degrees warmer than last Saturday's sub-zero temperatures. A good day to be indoors timing the annual swim meet. Yesterday there was a a brief moment around two when the snow stopped and before the rain came blowing up from Juneau that was really pretty.  One of my friends argues that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear. Maybe they haven't been here on a morning like this, with slush running down the icy streets and rain blowing sideways. Last night the Girls basketball team also changed their weather some from last season, beating the Wrangell Lady Wolves by about forty points, and the starters even all sat the bench for the 4th quarter. Down in Wrangell, things were a bit stormier for the defending state champion Glacier Bear boys. They lost to the Wolves in double digits. Still, the weather around here is fickle, and clouds can give way to sun, and snow can turn to rain,  and tonight is another game.

Phoebe takes a walk at noon.

Two hours later on the same beach.

The same view out the window in this morning's windy wet.



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