A Beautiful Gesture From the Uglys

Tomorrow evening at the Legion the Haines Uglys (yes, that's how they spell it) --formerly the U.M.F.s,  which stands for exactly what you might guess, thus the name change-- will host their annual Grub for Gifts party. It's an all you can eat dinner of pulled pork, salads and desserts for the price of one un-wrapped new gift for a child or teen, or ten bucks to help the Uglys buy gifts for needy local families.
The event has been so successful that the Uglys make more money than they know what to do with, so this year they will be having a unique raffle. Three lucky winners will be given 100 dollars to donate to the charity of their choice. Yup, you win 100 dollars to give away. It is like that game I play whenever I buy a lottery ticket down south.
Then, I imagine what I will do with my fifty million in winnings. Of course, there are the taxes, which would cut it down to about twenty-five million. First, I'd make sure everyone in my family had a nest egg. Then I'd give some to the library, and the cross-country team, hospice and the food bank, and then I would build an Episcopal church that was also a community center,  a combo chapel/ rec center/hockey rink/ community art studio-- with pottery wheels and such.  I'd  set a aside a few million to endow it all, and then some, in the Chilkat Valley Community Foundation. If I had a million or two leftover I could renovate the Human Resource Building for the pre-school and a new teen center. I'd like to fund a school band too. And the swim team and a ski touring center. Maybe I need to buy two lottery tickets. Of course, the odds are pretty slim that I'll ever win a gazillion dollars. Especially since I haven't traveled to a lottery state in a while. Instead I'll take my chances on the Uglys' raffle.
The big question is, who would I give the 100 dollars to? I'll be up all night thinking about that.
The good news, is that this time it won't be wasted. I don't have to win the Uglys' raffle to play this game.100 dollars is not like a million. I could still give away that much, or a little less, or maybe  a little more. Could you?  


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